10 June 2009

And It All Comes To An End

Scott McCloud author of Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, lets the reader learn about the six-part process of artistic creation which incluides idea or purpose, form, idiom, structure, craft, surface in chapter seven. He also notes that artists tend to fall into two classes, depending on which of the first two steps they emphasize more. Those who emphasize the second step "are often pioneers and revolutionaries artists who want to shake things up,"while those who emphasize the first are "great storytellers, creators who devote all their energies to controlling their story.
I believe that McCloud makes a interesting example when he uses the apple in chapter seven to explaom the steps used to put a comic together that most of the time the reader only looks at the surface of what is being told rather then being open to look deeper at what is being said or what others have to say. The readers goes for the “New Kid” and find out the threre really isn’t much to offer.
In Chapter nine McCloud “puts it all together” by allowing the reader to look back at what a comic is which again is Juxtaposel pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence. He wrapes up the book by going over the difference of form and content. Bring the reader to a good point that comics are a way of communication that allows you to express yourself in more ways then one. The future of comics is endless to those who are able to dig deep and use their imaganiation to send a messeage for one to take as their own and enjoy. It is said best by Al Ewing when stated “There’s something joyous about writing a comic for an eight-to-twelve year old — it just feels free. Liberating. It’s nice to have something that’s just straight fun, without necessarily tying into anything or leading on to or from anything — something that anyone of any age can pick up and enjoy

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  1. This a good, Jerry. You still need to proofread your work more closely, but you're really honing in on the main concepts of the chapter. And that's not only good analyzing but good summarizing too.