17 June 2009

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Wow.  Are you kidding me?  I did not understand The Myth of Superman no matter how hard I read it.  In fact, the harder I read it the more my eyes and head started hurting.  Wait, let me take some of that back.  I did understand the first two sentences and that was it.  It stated something about super powers being a constant of the imagination ever since hero comics have been around.  That everyone secretly wishes to attain these powers for themselves but means of obtaining them are only impossible.  For example, being exposed to gamma radiation is how Bruce Banner was turned into the gigantic beast know as the Incredible Hulk.  Peter Parker is bitten by a radio-active spider and now he can climb walls and has super strength and agility.  So, there is absolutely no way any of this can happen to anyone here living in reality land.  Again, I apologize but this is seriously all I can understand from The Myth of Superman.
So let's move on to Up Up and Oy Vey!  OK so a bunch of Jewish people have created a few super hero comic books, and Superman, Batman, and Spiderman all have names that resemble Jewish last names if you consider their "man" suffix.  All this is coincidence to me.  Though, whether it really is or not is actually no concern to me.  I read comic books for a pleasing story and well drawn art.  I do not read them because of the main character's nationality or religious views.  On that note, I'm glad Jewish people like comics and now that I'm done reading The Myth of superman my headache went away.


  1. I can understand not understanding "The Myth of Superman," even if it sounds like you got hung up on one point instead of just hammering through for basic meaning :-/

    But I think you're missing Weinstein's point. For one, that "-man" and "-mein" sound similar as superhero/Jewish suffixes, was a joke. Weinstein's main point is that most superhero comics were created by Jews who instilled their own values into their characters. You might want to reread these.