30 June 2009


The chapter we read in Our Cancer Year was way too fast-paced for me first of all, and second, I hate reading any sort of literature without a conclusion. What finally happened to Harvey? Did the cancer spread or come back? What about the lady Joyce met, did her lump turn out to be cancerous? Also, what purpose does Tod serve?
Having stated all my questions, this reading was not one of my favorites and nor did I gain anything from it.

The story is about a married couple named Joyce and Harvey. Harvey mentions that he is going to have surgery on what he thought was a hernia. The day of the surgery is obviously very frightening for Harvey and readers can assume that he is nervous. After a short surgery the doctor briefly states that Harvey had cancer, but him and his team removed it all, leaving Harvey and Joyce with unanswered questions. Joyce attains a hotline which helps with those questions and Harvey sees an attorney to form a will.

After Harvey gets a CAT scan, he learns that no new cancer has spread. Joyce meets up with Stephani, the carpenter, who has found a lump in her breast, and claims it might be cancer. The two can relate to each other because Joyce states she knows what Stefani is going through.

The end! Maybe we should read more of the story to grasp the whole idea of it? Unless that was it? After reading this, I found myself confused and unsatisfied, although I really did enjoy the artwork. I especially like the section where the word CANCER is floating throughout the panel, with a confused Harvey being wheeled out of the hospital on a wheel-chair. I can’t imagine what that his feeling is like, but I’m sure the word “cancer” was literally floating around his head in that way.

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  1. "Maybe we should read more of the story"? Maybe you should read more of the story ;-) Part of the reason for giving you all excerpts is that I hope you'll find something (even just one piece) that makes you want to explore the rest. Maybe you should pick up the book and get all the answers to your questions :-)

    Your observations about the art are great. That panel with "cancer" written around Harvey is one of my favorites too. It really drives home the feeling of when you can only think of one terrible thing, and it feels like it's completely surrounding you. That's the kind of art we need more of in comics!