23 June 2009

Diversity--There Should Be More Of It

The chapter "Big World" in Scott McCloud's Reinventing Comics deals mostly with diversity. In this chapter, McCloud focuses on three of his twelve revolutions: 7) Gender Balance 8)Minority Representation 9)Diversity of Genre. He believe that if comics were more diverse, there would probably be more people reading them. I agree with this because if there were diverse comics that caught everyone's eye in some way, more people would be reading them. More diverse comics would show readers and possibly interested readers that comics aren't just for teenage boys like they're seen to be.

McCloud first begins the chapter by writing about the seventh revolution, gender balance. Although it seems like men are mostly the creators of comics, McCloud found out that women had actually been creating comics since the 20th century. This is impressive to hear that women have been creating comics for so long. Women writers don't get much notice for their work which is odd. Now, there's some paths crossing between writers and readers of different genders. Women readers are starting to read more of men's writing and vice versa. The eighth revolution, minority representation, has to do with different races, religions, etc. In McCloud's opinion, minority representation is linked to the writers experiences. Milestone Media, a multicultural group of writers, came together with DC Comics and came up with a whole group of multicultural heroes. The ninth revolution is the diversity of genre. Many people think that the only genre of comics is superheros. In the nineties, though, autobiographical comics were becoming more common. For some reason, crime fiction and romance genres aren't very popular amongst intended audiences. In Japan, however, genres in comics was more diversified in the 50s and 60s. Now, they've lost a bit of their diversity. Comics can be any genre, and I think readers should stop with the superhero stereotype genre because obviously there is more out there regarding different genres that readers aren't paying attention to.

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  1. This is a pretty good summary, Crystal, but be careful with overly general time periods. "McCloud found out that women had actually been creating comics since the 20th century" could be translated as "McCloud found out there had been women comic creators from 1900-1999. That's a little vague :-)

    Also, where's your opinion? You say you agree we need more diversity, but that's it. How can DC solve the problem of their failed "Milestone Media" project, ect.?