21 June 2009

The Heroes

In the conclusion of It's Superman!, Lois witnesses a former policeman, Ben Jaeger, get shot by a man named Paulie. Paulie attempted to run over Lois and Ben until Superman came in and saved the two. Later on, Superman tries and does indeed destroy a robot created by Lex Luthor. The "Lexbot" was first distributed to a long list of celebrities and world leaders. The robot went around destroying everything in its path and Superman had to put a stop to it.

It's Superman! was interesting. It was a bit hard to fully understand, though. I felt like the little stories were skipping around too much, leading to some confusion. I could picture exactly what I was reading as if I was watching the whole thing in a movie.

"Under The Hood" is an autobiography of Hollis Mason's journey of becoming and being a costumed hero, Nite Owl. After moving from the country into the city, Mason was disgusted with all of the crime taking place which is understandable because i don't think he saw that much crime when living out in the country. Mason soon became a cop. He then became interested in superheros after reading the first issue of Action Comics and also from reading the newspaper, noticing a couple of stories of heroism by a man in costume--Hooded Justice. Mason now wanted to create an alter-ego for himself much like Hooded Justice. He wanted to save the city from those horrible crimes. Nite Owl came into existence in 1939. By this time there was already more than a handful of costumed heroes about. These heroes were soon to be known as the group Minutemen. The group was in existence up until 1949.

I thought this autobiography was a good read. It was interesting to hear all about how Nite Owl came about and the whole group of the Minutemen for that matter. You could tell the amount of passion the heroes had in what they do. I don't think that the group was ready for the changes that occurred towards the end of their existence, that's probably why they didn't stay together all too long.


  1. Well I am glad that I wasn't the only one so far to follow or understand "It's Super Man." I tried to summarize, but seemed to jump around a bit much.

    I do agree with you about Watchmen.

  2. Be careful with these list summaries, Crystal. While these are, indeed, all the main points of the story, these aren't the only important events. The main reason we read these excerpts was to study what was can happen on a deeper level of superhero stories; it doesn't all have to be "Bam! Pow!"