17 June 2009

History, Comics and Superheroes

As I read the next few required readings, and listening to the discussions in class about comics, from Scott McCloud to Horrock's, I see that comics have a lot of history, which I never realized comics had so much of. The various authors who write about Superman, Spider Man, Batman and the history of comics all together seem to have done plenty of research to go back to the beginning of superheroes and comics. I find all of the writings interesting, somewhat confusing, but helpful in understanding the origin and explanation to these comics, how and when they were started.

I find it somewhat ironic when Weinstein in Up, Up, and OyVey, states, "Before Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man, there were super patriarchs of the bible and heroic figures named Moses, Aaron, Joshua, David and Samson-not to mention the miracle-working prophet Elijah and those Jewish wonder women Ruth and Esther just to name a few." I would have never thought of knowing about our superheroes in our religious history, and using superheroes from comics in the same paragraph.

As I read on, I find myself becoming more and more interested in not only the superhero of the comic, but also reading deep into the history of comics and the superheroes that come along with the comics. In my opinion, there is much more into comics, that seems to come out in the readings on E-Reserves such as "The Myth of Super Man." I guess there is history to everything we read and learn, it just depends on how much we actually read and learn about the subject. When we read and learn the history, I think this is when we either find the topic interesting, or we don't, in my case, I have found the topics on comics and superhero's very interesting.

I am excited to continue and becoming familiar with other comics in the future.


  1. Come on Cynthia!! Did you really find The Myth of Superman interesting? Nice job citing but, weren't you suppose to cite the author's name after the quotes? Ben, was she? I'm actually not sure.

  2. I was actually kidding about the Superman comment. ;0)

  3. The history of comics is great isn't it?! I thought it was interesting. I didn't quite understand The Myth of Superman though =/

  4. Actually, Jesse, all Cynthia's missing in her citation is the page number after the quote.

    This is looking a little light, Cynthia. Where's your summary? You have an excellent introductory paragraph, but you don't tell us what the readings are about.