24 June 2009

It is a Multiculture Comic World!

In the article Reinventing Comics, by Scott McCloud he gives the reader the idea of comics and who writes comics and how it perceives the world by having the same issues the world faces like discrimation, equality, and diversity. McCloud talks gender balance by showing us that women have been writing comics for a very long time no matter how much comic writing and reading sounds like a male hobby. He discusses Minority representation and how comics have been writen by hispanics, blacks, Jewish, and are common whites. As he called them milestones because they made a big turning point for comics. Then last but not least McCloud brings us to the diversity point of comics and how it shows the world or at least readers how to be open with different lifestyles. From being gay, straight, poor, or rich. Writing comics is about looking at the problem solving it, and hopefully making a little bit of money. Then there is Genres and for that McCloud gives us a defination of a broad category of fiction and nonfiction in any communication medium with presupposes certain elements of styles and content. No matter the comic that is read it is all about solving a problem that individual may face indepentently or as a whole world. Just sit back relax and enjoy comics because they are full of entertainment.
McCloud makes a lot of good points in this article it was actually quite interesting and enjoyable to read. As a reader lately I feel that McCloud is somewhat interesting to read his idea and understanding about the world of comics.


  1. This is very concise, Jerry. But be careful of falling victim of closest cliché syndrome--McCloud isn't just calling for more female and minority writers. He also wants us to encourage more female and minority readers and story characters.

    Also, what do you think about his ideas? Would you be more apt to reading comics if they were written by, for, and about a different group of people than just another white superhero saving the day?

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