16 June 2009

Let's Wrap It Up.

McCloud’s definition of art was brilliant. My own definition of art is not even close to his. This guy is obviously on his own level beyond many. Anyway, in Chapter Seven, McCloud states that his definition of art is any sort of human activity besides our two basic instincts which are of course, survival and reproduction. I thought about that for a second and thought… “Okay, that could be anything…don’t get it.” Then McCloud stated that because art is something on another level than eating or having sex. It’s the way we express our own identities and break out of nature. He breaks art down into three uses: one, being exercise for our own mind and body, two, self expression, and three as a (sometimes random) discovery tool. I love how McCloud explains art to be “pure” and once an artist sells his art (for money-survival) it’s no longer “pure.” That makes total sense and I’ve seen that situation in many local artists here in Las Vegas. “I paint for the expressionism, not money.” The second he got a chance to sell his work in a gallery he did and has been selling his “art” –no matter how silly it looks, for a few months now.
McCloud’s six steps to the creation of “any work in any medium” are also very informative. This is another thing that applied to my own life without me even noticing whatsoever. It makes sense to say that any type of creation without one of these steps will not be successful and McCloud gives many examples to explain how.
Chapter Nine, Putting it All Together is pretty self-explanatory. McCloud is basically, refreshing the reader by mentioning the whole juxtaposed, pictorial…definition. Also, he tries even harder to help readers see comics as he does by asking the reader to clear our mind of any pre-negative comments about comics and separate the word “comic” from it’s contents. Beautifully done and overall, McCloud has succeeded in changing my own opinion of comics.

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  1. This is a good post, Roxanna! Your explanation is excellent because you first side with the reader in how you didn't really understand at first. But through your discovery, you help the reader understand! That's an excellent way to summarize or explain a point.

    But remember, McCloud does suggest that a work is either art or it isn't, pure or not pure. Not every artist who says his art is just expression is pure, and not every who sells his art to put food on the table is a "sell-out." That's where those 6 steps come in--personal goals.