18 June 2009

Mice Hate Germans

I was told was to go ahead and read the comics on the list from e-reserves. Not knowing which one specifically, I read one, Maus, a Survivors Tale. The story started out very weird and I admit, I didn’t quite get the introduction and the author’s direction seemed a little off. I also didn’t like the way the author chose to end his tale. I wanted to know how his will played out and if the son ever learned to not take his father for granted. It ends real sudden and with no closure whatsoever!
Anyway, I’m really glad this was one of our readings. I was very fortunate to see the holocaust museum on Monday and learned a lot more about the whole Nazi organization, Hitler’s plan and “human” standards, the “ghettos,” and tons more. I even noticed in one of the panels, the mice are wearing striped attire, which was the Jew forced attire.
At first look, anyone would refer to this comic as a cartoon, but it’s anything but a simply child’s story. The mouse is telling his particular experience through the concentration camps and ghettos and how he managed to dodge the Germans and keep safe.
Still, the ending and beginning are confusing, but nonetheless, holocaust stories are most interesting…especially the survivor ones.


  1. It's precisely for this reason that the syllabus is such a beautiful/helpful thing. So while technically the post that was due today is late, this one's two weeks early! Which gives you plenty of time to beef up this summary and relate more of it to your recent visit to the Holocaust Museum! You alone will be able to write about that connection--since the rest of us are stuck in the classroom instead of galavanting around the Smithsonian ;-)

  2. hahahaha that's a funny comment, Ben.

  3. k, now that i have free internet and am able to see everyone elses blogs, i feel like a total idiot :P

    got it.