23 June 2009

Not a Snowballs Chance in Hell

The second chapter in Reinventing Comics, written by Scott McCloud, deals with the issues of diversity in comics. Diversity spawns from three of his twelve revolutions stated in the first chapter. 7) Gender Balance, 8)Minority representation, and 9) Diversity of Genre. McCloud first discusses that creators and readers of comics are few and far between. Which boils down to there is only a small percentage of people in the world that even have a thought about comics. I can see where this applies in my world, because of the hundred and some odd family members in my family who have never even seen a comic book.

The first reason McCloud gives to this travesty is that there is little to no Gender balance. Comics have mainly and still somewhat are geared to young boy. There are comics made with women in mind, but they are created by men. McCloud goes on to explain that there are a few women creating and designing comic, but again few and far between. The underground movement brought forth women comics that were emotionally honest, politically charged, and sexually frank. Due to age that we live in, and being that nothing is a accident in life, women could be the future of comics. Maybe they are the group who can save the comic business by just pulling in more women readers.

The next revolution is Minority representation. I my opinion the minoritys face the same issue's as with gender. McCloud claims that this issue can be solved more easily by the writers and artists adding in more minoritys. The problem is though, how do you portray a black, hispanic, gay, or feminist individual if your not that minority? My answer is to encourage these people to make comics. This is America after all, and as I said before nothing is an accident. There are some minority comics out there, one just has to look.

The diversity of Genre is most promising of revolutions. McCloud offers that we, in our minds not real life, burn all the old Genre's of comics and let the writers and artist run wild. Let them create whatever they choose, something is bound to come out looking good. I disagree with this idea or revolution. Humans are a creaters of habit. Eventually comics will repeate what they have already have done, it's a fact of life. One can branch out and make a new or explore a new Genre. It may be the new thing for awhile, but eventually it will complete the circle of life and start over.

Diversity in this context basically boils down to MONEY. McCloud is making an attempt to save his industry. I totally get this because when I get older I do not what to end up behind a desk pushing paper and computers. I want to do whatever I damn well please and make a little money to keep me and my family afloat. I have a hard time buying into this but, let the artists make art for art and themselves. No telling where well end up, as I said before THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS!

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  1. Marcus, this is, without a doubt, your most inciteful post. Well done! I completely agree with you concerning the futility of McCloud's idea to "burn all the old genres of comics." Your absolutely right! We'd just end up with the same situation we have now, but instead of superhero comics, we'd have crime comics, or Western comics, or pirate comics. It is, I believe, one of McCloud's sillier ideas :-)

    All that said, be careful to read your work a little more closely. Also, don't forget to put the author's words in quotes. Otherwise, it's plagiarism.