30 June 2009

Not your average Hernia.

Our Cancer Year is a brave comic about a man who believes he has a hernia but really finds out that he has a very large tumor. Surprised by this kind of news and still unaware of what cancer is, Joyce searches for some answers. Unaware of what a cat scan is and inpatient of the ten day wait they both start to feel a little scared. Since Dr. Cantor was not much help she decides to phone a friend who might be able to giver her some kind of direction. Her friend Becky assures her things will be okay and to look at the positive side of all this. She suggests they think about the people who survive cancer. Harvey on the other hand doesn't know what to think himself. He begins to feel sorry and feels he can no longer be strong enough to take care of Joyce. He assumes that he is going to die so wants to make sure that Joyce will be well taken care of. He goes to see his lawyer to make his will. Joyce is given a number by her friend that will answer many of her questions and help her to be there for Harvey. She calls the number and is right away informed of what a cat scan is, and how to go about a second opinion if necessary. Soon after the cat scan is performed Harvey returns for a follow-up. He is given good news that his cancer was found only in one lymph node and had not spread any where else. Before leaving the good doctor asks about the house they bought, and wants to know what they paid for it, because he is selling one on Euclid Heights. While Harvey is still on sick leave he decides he wants to keep moving. so he starts to move cinder blocks. Joyce is upset with him lifting heavy objects and demands that he stops. This leads to a fight in which Joyce goes to her car. Harvey calms down and decides to go to the new house to do some unpacking. There Joyce talks to the carpenter Stephanie and is able to cope with her because Stephanie found a lump on her breast and is going to get a mammogram.

I feel like I am missing a very important point in this comic story. Like somehow Dr. Cantor is a bad guy or something. Well I found this to be a story I think people can read and relate to. I think everyone before going to the Doctors feels anxiuos and scared, I guess because most people expect the worst right away. I liked how they were just average people who didn't know much about cancer but were forced to learn not because they were curious but because Harvey has cancer. No one really knows until they experience it for themselves, but this comic helped make me understand what people go through when finding out they have cancer.

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  1. You raise a great point about these characters I've never realized before, Erica! It's like we're learning about cancer along with them, going through their emotional ups and downs as they search for information and comfort. Great observation!

    That said, beware those list summaries!