28 June 2009

Quotes and Skeptics

As I read Chapters 3 of They Say/I Say, I find it very helpful especially at this time of writing our Contextual Analysis. It helps in the use of quotes and how we as the writers know when we might be over explaining our quotations, and also if we have explained our quotes thoroughly. Using quotes in our essays is very important, but not only so that the reader knows where we are obtaining our information, but also how we interpret it into our essays. Chapter 3 also goes on to explain how we as writers should blend the author's words with our own, instead of just listing the quote completely separate from what the writer is explaining. We have to make sure we are quoting passages that make sense to what we are writing about. They have to be incorporated and make sense. Language is also very important to the quotes. Using a thesaurus to use certain words instead of plain words, for example, using asserts instead of states might sound more catching. Chapter 3 is a good tool to use for any essay, it gives us something to follow as we quote sources, and to make sure that we are using them in the correct manner.

Chapter 6 was also helpful. I find myself sometimes not being able make my point across when writing an essay. I use the author points, and I list my points but have a hard time incorporating the two. The templates that are listed help me when I am trying to use both our points, or form arguments if I am disagreeing. I have also found myself having a hard time then I am trying to answer objections, or making my opinion convincing to my readers. Reading both of these chapters have made both these items easier for me to follow. They are kind of a guide for my writing, so following their ways will hopefully make my essays sound more clear without all of the jumping around. I think everyone will find these chapters helpful when writing their essays.


  1. Great post, Cynthia! Your summary is excellent, as is your observation that these chapters are especially helpful for the Contextual Analysis! Coincidence? Or careful planning on behalf of a brilliant instructor? You decide!

  2. It is much easier posting to something I understand, and am a little more familiar with, but great planning on your part....