23 June 2009

Reading is for Everyone, Right?

Well I have to say I completely agree with Scott McCloud about catching readers from both men, women, black, white, Mexican, Jew, etc. Just like everything else in life, comics can not only target a certain race or gender.

Women might go for the sad comic, (which I am not sure exists), but there are men who also go for the same thing. The African American race might enjoy reading more about a hero who is black, but the White race might enjoy it just as well.

This really shouldn't matter to the writer or to the company trying to make a sale, after all, money is all the same no matter who has it.

McCloud has some really good points on types of readers there might be, and just the same about who is inventing the comic. His point, to my understanding is plain and simple, getting comics outward and not only forward to all different types of people. Of course, one community might enjoy comics more than the next community, but this goes for everything from movies to music, to the types of clothes we each wear.

McCloud is hoping that comics can come alive again, and target all people, which at this point would be for the benefit of comics. To make comics interesting, to get new ideas, new talent out there would be best, of course, and the inventor could be just about anyone, any gender, any race, so long as the comic sales increase. After all, reading is for everyone, right?

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  1. You've hit on some of McCloud's main idea here, Cynthia. But you're not so much summarizing his ideas as you are listing them. Be careful there. Engage with the ideas. And remember, the reader is stupid ;-)