10 June 2009

Six Steps That Pull It All Together

In chapter seven of Understanding Comics:The Invisible Art written by Scott McCloud he emphasize the importance of art and the basic instincts of survival and reproduction. He uses the comic strip as the means to why art is misunderstood and the meaning of how art is related to everything people do. He uses this example to lead to his next point that all things lead to a pathway, including the art of comics. McCloud includes six steps as a pathway in creation of comics in this chapter. He claims that in order to produce a comic, not necessary a successful comic it is important to 1) Idea/purpose :have a clear understanding of the purpose and the content of the work 2) Form, how it will pan out;3)Idiom, what genre and vocabulary will be used; 4) Structure, what and how to organize the work; 5) Craft, actual constructing of the comic; and 6) Surface, the ending result and how it all works together. It is not a guarantee that following these steps will result in a successful comic, however it is a starting point to give an artist the tools necessary to expand there love of comics. McCloud shows how artists struggle when trying to complete these steps as his evidence that comics entail much more that just art or words. He emphaiszes the importantance of having a plan of attack when working on comics. I feel that this chapter was one of the easiest readings in this book; maybe its because of our class discussion and clarification of the other chapters.

In chapter nine, McCloud, reiterates everything from previous chapters as his evidence that comics are art and how the history has come a long way. I especially found his panel that stated" the mastery of one's medium is the degree to which that percentage can be increased, the degree to which the artist's ideas survive the jouney" becuase it not only reflects comics it reflects on everyday life. The more open minded we are, and live our life to the fullest, and follow our dreams anything is possible.

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  1. I think you're either misunderstanding or mis-explaining something crucial about the six steps. In order for a piece of art to be successful (on whatever level) it has to go through all six steps.

    Also, your summary of Chapter nine's ignoring his discussion of mediums :-(