21 June 2009

They're Number One in the Hood, G!

“Under the Hood” is a story about the origins of the Nite Owl in Watchmen. He tells the history of masked vigilantes in the 1930s through to the 1950s, what got him into becoming a hero and he leads up to how the Watchmen were beginning to form. The Nite Owl (he narrates the story) says how he was secretly inspired to become a hero after reading the first Superman comics in the 1930s Action Comics. Later in his career as a hooded hero, he became united with several other hooded heroes like himself. They called themselves the Minutemen. At first they were loved by publicity and everything else, but eventually everything turned bad. Heroes slowly were dying off in unnatural deaths while others picked up bad habits like alcoholism. Eventually, after the Minutemen had passed, a new form of heroes appeared in the media—super heroes. Realizing that his time of being the one to save the day had passed, and that he needed to pass the hero torch to new comers, the Nite Owl retired. Soon he gets a letter from an aspiring hero who wants to use the name Nite Owl in respect of the original. Seeing that this new guy has his stuff together, he passes on his name.
I thought that this was a wonderful story and now I want to read the rest! The way that it is written is sophisticated, but easy to understand. Just by reading the story I can feel the emotions that are meant to be felt. I felt sad about Moe Vernon and his last day in his car shop when he found out that his wife left him for one of his employees with all of his money. I also felt like laughing when he still had the fake boobs on because it reminded me of the movie The New Guy.
The conclusion of Its Superman! is very interesting in many ways. It is about Superman trying to defeat a robot that Lex Luthor created and planned on sending to one hundred people including leaders, celebrities, artists, etc. These robots are apparently dangerous and attack the city because every building and car is destroyed. Also Superman saves Lois from getting hit by a car (how unlike Superman, huh?).
I liked this story too, but I felt a little confused with what was going on (even with Ben’s synopsis). I loved the way that it was written. It was like there was that announcer’s voice again. It is presented in an ironic form because it tells you information that the protagonist doesn’t know by depicting different points of view. Clark doesn’t realize that the robot is Lex Luthor’s work until he reads the robot’s serial number after he destroys it. It was definitely a good story all in all, and I want to read the whole thing.


  1. Your summary of Under the Hood is great. I think you captured all the main points and presented it in a cohesive manor.

  2. I concur with Amber. I'm sorry, It's Superman! was still confusing. As much as I love it, I'm thinking of taking it off the syllabus next fall. In any event, what did you think of the whole psychological aspect of Superman's dilemma? That's a major reason why we read this.

  3. PS What's with the ATHF reference?

  4. I know it's ATHF. I was asking where you made it your title ;-)