30 June 2009

Traumatic Life Events

In the comic, Our Cancer Year, written by Joyce Barbner and Harvey Pecker, discusses a real traumatic event in their life. Barbner and Pecker tell the story about how they were faced with the possibility of Pecker having cancer. Fortunately for Pecker is was only a scare. However they were fearful of that fact that when Harvey went into the hospital for a removal of a hernia and the doctor found a tumor. It was a lymphoma, and that scared Joyce terribly. The doctor was very naïve in telling Joyce about the tumor and how Harvey was going to need a CAT scan and walking out. Not knowing what a CAT scan was, or not receiving any other information from the doctor about it, Joyce assumed the worse immediately, cancer. Joyce was terrified of the possibility that her husband had cancer and that she was going to lose him. Luckily Joyce had a friend who told her about using the toll free number to get information on cancer. During her call with the cancer hotline Joyce receive clarification about a CAT scan. She also requested information about cancer, to read and gain a better understanding of what they could possibly be facing. When Harvey went in for his CAT scan and results he found out that it had been contained and there were no signs of cancer.

Cancer is a serious disease that is difficult to cope with. It took Harvey by surprise just as it did Joyce. Harvey being a good man decided that it was necessary to fill out a will and make sure Joyce would be alright. Even though it may have seemed to be premature actions that were taken, when a situation of this nature occurs in your family you have to think ahead.

Cancer has occurred in my family three times that I know of and each and every time our reactions were different. My grandmother had breast cancer that was malignant, and had her breast removed. It was a difficult for all of us. Just like Joyce we assumed the worst case scenario when the doctor informed us that the breast needed to be removed. Luckily for her she beat the cancer and lived 15 years cancer free.
I really enjoy these autobiographical types of comics, Our Cancer Year, especially because I could relate to Joyce and how she felt. I think that they are very courageous for telling about their traumatic life event. The ironic thing about reading this chapter is that this weekend was the Walk for Life, an event to raise money for cancer....

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  1. It's always easier to enjoy a comic if you relate to it; it gives you a lens with which to examine the piece. Breast cancer runs in my family too (on my mother's side), but I'm not quite old enough to really remember how that affected my family when her mother was diagnosed. In that way, I'm glad you can relate. It means the emotions and reaction in the story are more real than I can tell on my own experience.

    Good summary, Caroline, but be careful to proofread--you spelled of the authors' names wrong ;-)