10 June 2009

The unknown world of Art.

What McCloud writes about in chapter seven is pretty awesome. He mentions how even before time, Art existed in many different ways. He explains how two basic instincts such as survival and reproduction can be called art. It didn't occur to me that something I knew about since I could remember could be represented as art. People get ideas from just basically being bored. Examples McCloud mentioned were lines made in the dirt, stones making rhythm, a dance made from just kicking the dirt, and singing from a little girl. What McCloud is telling us, is that art is everywhere, and can be made from even the simplest terms. McCloud writes that our individuality is what sets us aside from everybody else, which leads to our random activities and in turn leads to useful discoveries. "Art" he says is self expression, it must be discovered within us to be appreciated by us. The way we write our signature is a form of art, and many jobs whether we notice it or not deals with some kind of art form. He writes and explains how any medium follows a certain path. He leads us with six steps needed to find the medium. Idea/ Purpose is the meaning of the content that is going to be discussed. Form, what shape it will become, whether it be a comic book or a song. Idiom, are the styles and genre. Structure, putting everything together so it makes perfect sense and flows. Craft, basically getting the job done using skills, knowledge and invention. then there is Surface, what everybody sees first known as the first judgment of whether the material will be read or not. McCloud writes how the best looking apple may turn out hollow, but the worst looking apple could be the best. He mentions how important it is to follow all the steps because it leads to even more appreciation, a better appreciation, and of course a better understanding of art.

McCloud writes that he could define, and explain over and over and it doesn't matter whether we understand art or if we could still care less, no one will ever understand the greatness of art as he does within his mind. We all think differently and have different appreciations for different kinds of art. Just because I view one type of art in a different way doesn't mean it isn't art. I think the more we expand our minds the more we will be able to know and understand that art is everywhere, and can be just about anything. We have to allow ourselves to accept that art can be presented in many different ways, whether it be a comic book, a painting, a piece of wood, or even a song. It's still art.


  1. I agree with you Erica. We are each our own piece of art in just how different we are. In our styles of dress, music, hair, the type of music, and everything else in our everyday life. Life itself is an art form.

  2. I think you're flip-flopping what McCloud classifies as art. He says anything that is NOT for survival or reproduction is art.

    But what about Chapter 9?