10 June 2009

Words, Pictures and Art

Thus far, Chapter 6 has made the most sense to me, although as I am writing this, I find myself confused at the fact that I don't know if comics really need pictures and words together. It has been the easiest to understand, without looking at the pictures. I agree totally with McCloud about having pictures with words. It just makes more sense to me. Although, sometimes a picture can say a thousand words, or as we hear, action speak louder than words, could this be true about pictures and words? As I read on, comics are making more and more sense. They are like reading books, only thing is, there is tons of pictures to go with the words. This may be contradicting, words may need pictures, however, some pictures don't have words, and by just recognizing the gestures, or seeing icons or symbols, the reader might know what is going on in the story. In a way, pictures to some readers may take up too much room and not leave enough room for the words, the story itself. McCloud states "words and pictures had drifted as far apart as possible", but for readers who are like me, need to have a visuals to actually understand what we are reading. I guess it will all depend on what kind of comic, book, short story one is reading. If we are just reading and not seeing pictures, will we fully understand what the writer is saying or talking about? As I type on, I am beginning to wonder, do I agree with McCloud? Are words and pictures together that important? I know if I see pictures alone, I can describe, know what the picture is saying. If I read a story without pictures, just words, will I comprehend what I am reading? I understand what McCloud is saying, but I am not sure at this point if I agree, or if I am questioning his opinion, and had the wrong idea, and now think that I was wrong or not clear on my own opinion, and never really thought about it until now.

I agree that comics are an art form. I have always been amazed with anyone who could draw as comic artists draw. The detail that is put into comics mainly is more amazing that paintings or portraits. I am not one for art, but every time I have seen any comic, even just looking at the cover blows me away. That is real talent. I have to say that I do not find myself wondering if I had the wrong opinion as I did in Chapter 6. The art itself makes comics, in my opinion what they are. They could be in plain black and white, and one could still notice the detail, layout, and of course time that is put into each and every panel. I am anxious to see what Chapter 8 says about color, comics seem very attractive in just plain old black and white.

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  1. It sounds like you're having the same difficulty I was having when I first started reading comics. I'd studied prose and poetry for so long that when I read comics, I did just that--I READ them. I would show up for class discussions ready to talk about character development and instead we'd discuss the artist's choice of colour :-/ But with time, I've learned to give equal attention, though I do find myself still giving the art short shrift every now and then :-)

    But what about Chapter 9?