30 June 2009

WOW it was a year.

In the reading Our Cancer Year by Joyce Brabner and Harvey Pekar was an interesting comic about a husband and wife that discovers he has cancer rather then a hernia. Joyce is asking the doctor what is going on after the surgery and the doctor seems to busy to explain really anything but what was discovered during the procedure and what needs to be done next in order see how far along the cancer is or spread. Joyce and Harvey seem to not have an educational background to the terms being used by the doctor or nurse to explain what was happening to Harvey or what needed to be done. If it wasn't for the help of others like calling the hotline they would of gone crazy wondering what to do. The comic seemed really fast pace to read as the format of the comic seemed to have close panels and the bubbles in which contained the content seem to run over to other panels. It was interesting how Joyce landed up meeting up with someone else who had discovered a lump and needed to go to the doctor in order to be diagnosed. She was scared but Joyce seemed to be able to console her and help her understand her situation due to going her going through it with her husband. It is said that people come into our life for reasons unknown. This reading lets the reader see many points of view of people when dealing with a serious situation like having cancer and being a supporter or that person. Also in this comic you see the roles of many people that it takes to affect and change one persons life.

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  1. Good summary, Jerry! I'm glad you noticed the "usefulness" or all the secondary characters (there really are a lot for such a "fast paced" story). Every character is an important (whether it's in a positive or negative way) influence on Harvey and Joyce. I think in "real life," we tend to not realize right away who the important people are during a personal crisis.

    Next time, though, I'd really like you respond more and not just summarize.