24 June 2009

Yes, All of That is Fine and Dandy, but I Want More!

"Big World" a chapter in Scott McCloud's book Reinventing Comics is about how the diversity in comics needs to be shown more. The amount of minorities that read comics is very small. McCloud wants to break this barrier. He notices how the levels of women, minorites, and genres are very low in comics. Every comic that is produced is nearly the same as the next; a picture perfect superhero, or some goofy animals. McCloud wants a bigger following of the comic medium because it has so much to offer, all that is needed is some folks to step up. He also mentions how even though comic book stores that provide a wider variety of comics sell less books, they are more valuable than the comic book stores that do not have a wide variety of books. This is because the srore with more variety is obviously a more comics committed store than the latter, which is a financially driven store.
McCloud wrote this chapter of Reinventing Comics nicely. I agree with his arguements about gender involvement and how women need to be included in reading writing and being characters in comics. Other traits that need to be invloved in comics are varieties in genre and in minority involvement. It is a stuggle to write in a perspective that is completely different from your own. Some people can overcome these barriers, but most cannot. It is hard for people to work for a big company's needs and keep their creativity at the same time. This effects the amount of women, minorities and genres that exist within comics. Overall, companies need too be more open to underdog comics creators because they can offer the next big thing.


  1. Like usually I like your summary of the chapter. It is short simple and too the point...which makes for a good summary in my book!

  2. I concur with Amber--excellent summary, Thrash. I agree, too, with your assertions that "big" comic companies need to broaden their horizons, too. Marvel is currently attempting to do that by adapting classic novels into comics. A lot of people really like their version The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but I think they're still trying to write a non-superhero story like a superhero story (i.e. it's way too quickly paced).