14 July 2009

Blogging, It's Over!

They Say/I Say a book written by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein is a useful tool when writing academic papers. The book reminds writers of how to get the most out of writing. It helps with templates that will actually make your paper make sense. It offers exerts on different writing styles that help captivate the audience and keep them interested. In the final chapter of They Say/I Say the author write about meta commentary and how interpreting or explaining what the writer means when writing is important. It also discusses how by incorporating meta commentary to your papers will increase the length and information that is provided to the readers. It incorporates how starting with what others are saying and then incorporating your own opinion on the topic. It discusses the importance of summarizing and using the authors views as well as your own. All the chapters in this book have relevance to what makes an academic paper successful. It is then up to the writer to incorporate all the ideas the author has pointed out and add them to make your paper flow smoothly and correctly.

All in all this book offers exercises and templates that will assist any writer in establishing their writing skills. I have found that the tips and template will be a valuable tool while writing my research paper. It will also assist me in my everyday writing and expand my papers. This has been a tool that I will keep for future reference and recommend to other students enrolling in any writing class.

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  1. Good post, Caroline. Don't forget to proofread ;-)