13 July 2009


This little but very informative book helps people to become creative writers. It shows the importance of knowing what you are talking about before telling an audience because you dont want your audience to be unsure of what you are saying. This book helps to clear your ideas so that they make sense. It says in this book that it helps us to enter into a conversation knowing what's going on but also letting people hear about your own ideas. First you hear what "they say" and then you add in what "I say". This is useful in an argument. This book uses a lot of templates which are useful when it comes to giving ideas about what to say or write about. A lot of our words start to become repeated in different paragraphs, this becomes boring to the audience and they could lose focus on what you are saying. This book is about learning how to explain what you are trying to write or say in a way to keep your audience involved. It shows us the right way to state our opinion, and how to do it in a way we convince our audience or at least keep them entertained. This book says alot and can be used as a really good reference. It shows us how to use quotations, and proper ways to write sentences. It also tells us that to become better writers we must question what we are saying. This will identify who cares when reading our papers. Lastly always read over your writing, see if it makes sense and is keeping the readers informed.


  1. What book are you talking about Erika? All I know from your blog is that the book is little! Haha ;)

  2. Jesse, unusually, makes a good point ;-) Still, this is a good explanation of the book. Now, about your thoughts towards it...