08 July 2009

Research Paper Links

Well, the semester is rapidly coming to a close. Including today, we only have eight classes together left! Of course, this means it crunch time for the Research Paper. Having had the opportunity to look at most of the Research Proposals during our conferences yesterday, I'm confident most of you have a good idea where you're going. And those who don't are really close. But I thought I drop a few links here that might relate to some of your projects.

First off is an interview with Alan Moore on Wired.com. This is sort of a big deal as Moore went through a long period of staying out of the public eye. He talks about what it was like to be stalked by DC comics and why he's lost faith in the medium. Check it out here.

Next is something more recent: TeachingDegree.org's "Comics in the Classroom: 100 Tips, Tools, and Resources for Teachers". The title pretty much says it all, but the article does a great job sorting the 100 links by topic and type. Chance are, if you're doing anything at all related to the huge topic of comics in the classroom, you can find a few sources in your specific area of interest.

Now for some webcomics. For starters, I stumbled across this "remix" of Marjane Satrapi's autobiographical Persepolis. Titled Persepolis 2.0, the "authors" of this comic used panels from Satrapi's story of the Iranian Revolution to tell the story of the recent uproar over suspect vote counting in the Iranian Presidential Elections. It's a short but very interesting read.

On the less serious side are a couple of webcomics I consider guilty pleasures. The first is Penny Arcade, a video gaming/generally just nerdy webcomic about two friends and their critics of "nerd culture." The comics' been online for a couple of years, and they post strips pretty regularly, so you may need to sift through some before finding something yourself/that you actually understand.Similar to Penny Arcade's niche audience, XKCD appeals to math nerds--though even someone who is decidedly bad at math (like me) can still get most of their jokes. The same goes for this little gem as Penny Arcade though--you'll need to do some sifting.

There are a few other webcomics I read regularly, but based on your proposals, I doubt they'll be useful. Still, if you want to know about them, just ask!

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