14 July 2009

They Say This is a Metacommentary, and I say "Sure"

Chapter ten of “They Say/ I Say” is about using metacommentaries. Metacommentaries are commentaries that are used to futher explain a point, or show the signifigance of a point. They can be used in many different ways, for example a title can be a metacommentary. The title tells what the essay is going to be explaining briefly so that you already know what the basic topic of the essay will be before you even read the essay.
I thought this was a good chapter because it gave me more motavation and ideas for our upcoming essay. If my essay still comes up a little short, I can add metacommentaries to futher explain points that I might not have mentioned so clearly. I also thought it figures that our class would have to read this chapter because of the class’ (or maybe it is just mine) little problem with decently naming our essays.
The book “They Say/ I Say” is a very usful book for anyone who has to do any academic writing. It shows many examples and templates for certain writing topics. It teaches easy ways to include a couterarguement into your essay, how to use your own language styles mixed with an academic writing style, how to use quotes in your writing, and of course saying why anything you write matters.

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  1. Nice post, Thrash. But what about the rest of the book? In any event, yes, one of the primary reasons for reading this chapter is learning how to write good titles :-)

    I'm also curious about your answer to the question you posed to Amber: Did the book influence/help you in writing your blog posts?