14 July 2009

They Say/I Say/Sorry for being late!!

They Say/I Say was a very helpful instrument when it comes to writing papers. I had forgotten the whole nine yards of writing a paper until this semester, and going through this book. I didn't read each chapter thoroughly, but glanced through, and used it when I was trying to put one of our papers together. The templates were very useful, knowing how to come up with a thesis, how to address my audience, the type of genre to use, etc.

I will be using this book throughout my remainder years of college simply because it is handy and points out pretty much everything needed for an academic paper.

Using this book and going back to Easy Writer as a kind of a cross reference can make it easy for anyone preparing a paper. Each chapter of They Say/I Say goes through thoroughly of points one can use on his/her paper, it gives a clear definition of why we should use this certain idea, and gives great example.

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  1. I little light, here, Cynthia ;-) I'm glad you got something out of it, though :-)