25 August 2009

The adventures of Trini and The book of Understanding Comics pt. 1

I read through the introduction and the first two chapters of Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics. I have to say that i am very glad that Scott McCloud made his book like a giant comic book. The reason is because its more entertaining for me to read and learn from this book than some boring old text book with no pictures. The introduction was great where Scott McCloud is on the phone with his friend Matt Feazell telling him about how great his new comic is going to be. And Matt Feazell replies with "Oh. Aren't you kind of young doing that sort of thing?". The introduction was a great example on how a comic is in being serious and being funny at the same time.

Scott McCloud explains in the first chapter how to define comics, the history of early types of comics, and how comics are more complex and complicated than what meets the eye. Heck i was blown out of my mind when i began reading chapter two. Scott McCloud adds humor and a level of intelegence in comics that he makes you see comics and everything around you differently than what you use to see.

I can't wait to start reading further in to Understanding Comics. This book has made me look at comics more differently than what i first preceived of them. Way beyond than of what i first thougth of them when i first entered the class.


  1. I totally agree, reading this book is so much better than reading an old text book. It makes things so much easier to understand.

  2. Can you expand on how the chapter is making you look at comics differently? Remember, in your responses, I would like some details.