25 August 2009

Can you define comics?

In the book Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, Scott McCloud's first chapter is called setting the record straight. He begins by trying to figure out a way to define comics. What he comes up with is "juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence."(McCloud page 9) McCloud begins to explain this definition by going back in time and to a manuscript discovered in 1519. McCloud from there just goes on speaking about all the different ways to view comics and show us examples of how they have been around such a long time weather we knew about it or not. He basically explains the different ways of viewing a comics and making us see comics in ways we probably never thought they would be.
I love this book, not literally but you knew what I mean. This book is a book that I can actually read with an interest. I enjoy comics so seeing a book written like this catches my eye and is able to keep me interested. I always thought comics could only be used to tell fictional stories such as Superman, X-men and all that. I never imagined seeing it in huge pictures hanging on walls side by side in sequential order could be considered a comic strip. So just this one chapter has made me see comic in a different way and also to be able to understand comics better hopefully.


  1. I can agree with Johnathon that this book is very interesting. I have never and problem will never really buy a comic. However getting to know more about the subject and reading this book is interesting. The different ways things could be put together in a comic is interesting.

  2. "I have never and problem will never really buy a comic." You haven't bough the book yet!

    John, you have some good observations here, but try to slow down and really clarify what you mean.