25 August 2009

Comics Are No Laughing Matter!

In Scott McClouds, "Understanding Comics The Visual Art", the history of comic books are revealed. Scott McCloud is not only the author of this book but he is pretty much the narrator. In the introduction and chapter one, McCloud talks about how comics are not taken seriously. But yet comics have been around for centuries. Dating back to the hieroglyphics of the Egyptian era. McCloud also gives comics a definition and gives meaning behind comic books. Comics have always been looked down on in the academic area. McCloud compares comics to movie shots because the movie is simply a very slow comic pg. 8. Comics are not just funny pictures, they are panels presenting a message.

I have a complete different outlook on comics now. Before I just thought of comics as being for little kids. The pictures and short stories did not look amusing to me. But now after learning the history behind comics, I appreciate the history of comics. Comics are a way of delivering a certain message to any type of crowd. I like this book it gives quick, to the point information without long boring sentences. It is presented as a comic book would be. Great book!


  1. I appreciated the fact that Scotts McClouds, Understanding Comics, was short and to the point too. It was way easier to understand.

  2. Mo-Town, make sure you fully explain the points of your summary: sure, McCloud gives us a definition, but what is it? Why does he compare hem to movie shots?

    The same goes for your own opinions: why do you now appreciate the history of comics?