30 August 2009

Comics! What a Waste of Time.

My second year here at Highlands I met a student who was "Gothic," or at least thats what she referred to herself as. She was obessed with south park and black make-up. One day I was walking to class and just so happened to run into her. She was trying to find a class, I ask her if she needed help and her exact words were "Hell Yeah!" I noticed a tattoo of cardman on her arm. I was surprised that she actually enjoyed South Park. She asked me if I was into any cool cartoons. I told her not so much. She then invited me to watch a couple of South Park movies with her and some friends. So I excepted the offer just have an open mind. As I walked into her room I notice she had a collection of comic books, but these were no ordinary super hero comics. I reached to pick one up to see the title because I had never seen a cover so graphic in a comic. The title of the comic was "Johnny The Homicidal Maniac." I then was very curious to see what it was about. So I asked if I could read it, she then gave me a few to read. I started to read the comic and it was interesting. It was about a guy name Johnny who had all these voices in his head telling him what to do and he starts killing people, and is always considering suicide. In the comic I realized that there was much more to comics then I had imagine. There are so many people who relate to this comic. The girl I had meet that day, then told me that she loved those comics because she relates to them and that she too, has considered suicide many times. She was a recovering self mutilator (cutter).
Like Scott McCloud in Chapter One, I two was one of the many people who thought comics were a waste of time, and thought all had no important points or facts. So when I found out that comics do play a significant role in society, I changed my propective, and have had an open mind to anything I see. Comics are not just for laughs, many comics share an importance in this world. Whether its polictical, social, health, etc. its the truth many do not wish to hear.


  1. I'm glad comics made a different in your friends life.

  2. As am I. That's a great comic, by the way. The same author did another series called Squee. Good stuff. Disturbing, but good.

    Mel, of everyone in the class, you're the only one really running with the "free think" portion of the posts. I'm really glad to see you relating the material to personal experiences, and I don't want you to stop!

    But don't forget that the first part of these posts are meant for you to summarize that material. Don't forget that part!