30 August 2009

committing to closure

After reading two very long, super detailed chapters in Understanding Comics, the invisible art by Scott McCloud, (chapters 3 and 4) I'm still finding that no matter how much we discuss McCloud's unordinarily written(and illustrated) sort of..comic book ABOUT comic books, I've learned that i will continue to be impressed or even somewhat amused by his explanations of why this subject is so important. The great detail and to the extent he goes, from image to image and definition to explanation, is really helpful for me personally as "the reader."
However, I am still finding this stuff somewhat overloading or a bit much with these details he's quickly packing into our heads. After chapter number three, i find myself thinking, "Are there reeeally this many details involving something I view as basic sequential art telling me a story about what is happening before my eyes?" My immediate answer (now after reading) is, yes.
McCloud throughout these two chapters, explains to us about closure, "gutters", and "panel to panel" transitions. Very detailed, yet still, somewhat confusing. who would have thought those two words would ever be spoken in the same breath? In my opinion, these, i dunno, important enough to be published subjects.. are indeed interesting, but at the same time, extremely confusing. Especially since I have no prior comic book reading experience.

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  1. haha, Mike, what a clever title! It caught my attention which led me to read your blog. Of which, I totally enjoyed! You put some personality into what you wrote. I dig that! Although I understand where you're coming from, I think there could have been a bigger argument. You understood the material, but I was kind of left hanging after a couple of things you said; the last paragraph especially. There could have been more detail!
    All in all, I will be reading your blog more often.