25 August 2009

Eddie Understanding "Understanding Comics"

In the first chapter of Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics", he defines what a comic is and explains how it's different from animation and other kinds of art. Once he does that he explains the history of comics going back as early as 1049AD. These comics are not like today's comics in the sense that that they don't have panels but are instead in drawn on several or hundreds of feet long scripts. When printing was invented is around when were used in comics. Rodolphe Topfffer was the first to combined words and pictures and the British caricature magazines kept this going and eventually became the comics that we know of today. What I like about "Understanding Comics", like many other people I'm sure are the pictures. They keep me interested and almost make reading enjoyable for me. 

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  1. That's it? How does McCloud define comics? What are some of the high points in comic history?

    What do you like about the pictures?

    Lastly, proofread!