26 August 2009

English? Who needs that? I'm never going to England -Homer Simpson

Spider-pig, spider-pig does whatever a spider-pig does, can he swing from a web? No he can't because he's a pig, look out spider-pig!
Homer Simpson in "The Simpson Movie" may not have been the brightest cartoon, but he pointed out an important fact going on the world today, "Global Warming."
Homer Simpson's daughter Lisa Simpson is trying to help save the lake because it was contaminated. Lisa Simpson was able to get the community involved but then Homer Simpson saves a pig and takes the pig home. Homer Simpson puts the pigs waste in, what looks to be an aluminum disposal. When Homer Simpson was told to take it away he dumps it in the river. The river that the town and Lisa Simpson were trying to restore. From that point everything turns into a disaster, so much chaos happening in the town. Homer Simpson fleets town and the government decided to put the town in a huge glass globe. It was supposed to be destroyed but Homer Simpson then saves the town, when seeing his family in a struggle.
Like this cartoon and many others, people, at times, do not know that they are being told about a lot of real issues in this world. Most people tend to lose focus on information being presented by realistic objects and people. Seeing cartoons often catches the audience attention, because it is more persuasive. When you see cartoon movies, shows, and newspaper articles it is interesting, even if the the topic is broad. Readers are more focused on the illustrations, animations, and icons that which feed off different messages to the audience. The on looker may not know that facts are being stored in the brain and then reviewed to understand what is actually happening. Chapter two describes many examples in the way we see cartoons and how most icons and comics are more likely to receive attention to the human eye. I enjoyed reading this chapter, it has helped me to understand comics a little more and it's effect on people.

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  1. I'm glad you're reading ahead, but don't forget to blog on the Intro. and Ch. 1!