25 August 2009

Setting the record straight

In the first chapter of "Understanding Comics the invisible art," by scott mcCloud, i've found very useful information on my outlooks and opinions of all comics in general. Not only are the words in this chapter interesting but they are very informational and revealing of the true identities of comics. Mc Cloud states that Comics have a stereotype of crappy art and kiddie-like stories and for that, they are looked upon as somewhat childish and immature.. Also, it is said that just about ANY topic can be covered in comic form and that we as a people need to realize how important comics can really be. McCloud informs us that comics have been around for many years, several centuries actually. He explains that the art stories the ancient egyptians left, were very similar to comics and are still very important amoung people around the world today. He states that i nthe late 1800s, the british were the ones who finally were able to get what we call comics today, in a steady stream throughout mainstream society. "sequential art" is stated by McCloud, to be everywhere all around us. Whether it be in the form of car owners manuals or famous artists paintings to even stained glass windows. He reminds us that he will do his best in providing us with as much information and will try to give us a better understanding of comings, in chapters to come. I personally enjoy the style of the way this book is written and the whole comic effect on the topic of understanding comics, definitely makes it that much more interesting. I'm intrigued by the tone the author takes and excited to see whats to come ahead in future chapters.


  1. I agree with the last part...I am also interested in this book because of the way he has written it. It's easy to read and it's fun.

  2. I liked how well you summerized the chapters we read. It made sence. I too enjoy this book for the most part because it is easy to read.

  3. Not a bad summary, Mike, but slow down, clarify what you're trying to say, and proofread your post publishing.

    Also, what about the style of the book do you like? What tone does McCloud take?