30 August 2009

Time and Gutters

In these Chapters 3 and 4 Scott McCloud talks about Gutter space and Time. I have to admit that these two chapters were not the most interesting to me. I felt them to be a bit boring and a little overdrawn. I guess sometimes when you read into things to much it kinda takes away from the imagination of things. At least for me it does. However Mr. McCloud makes very good arguements and statements in these chapters that i felt were kind of interesting.
When talking about the gaps or gutters as he calls them, in between panels he talks a little about time and what the writer or artist is trying to accomplish in doing so. Depending on the size of the gutter can make an impact on how long the artist wants to identify the timing in which the character is in that setting. It can also bring a little more drama to what the art is trying to portray.
In chapter 3 he brings up the 6 types of ways to show time in borders and gutters which are. Panel to Panel, Action to Action, Subject to Subject, Scene to Scene, Aspect to Aspect and Non-Sequitur. They all have a different way of telling a story and the time and sequence of the story. It never appealed to me that artists and writers would even think about any of this stuff when making a comic. It just seemed as if they told a story and made pictures for them.
It seems as if McCloud feels that there is a major importance in time when doing comics. I did not know that there were so many different ways in which you can create time zones or make pictures seem like they are in sequence of time. it was very interesting to hear him talk about time and how panels can be seen as past and future and how we recognize them as such.


  1. If I just happened to read your blog not knowing what you were talking about there would be no depth to the reading. You didn't really explain what the concepts were, you just gave them a name that may not mean anything to anybody. I need more of a description of the concepts discussed in the chapters.

  2. I think I got that same feel...Scott McCloud went into depth when he wrote these two chapters, I think he was trying to express the importance they have, in relation to comics.