15 September 2009

Action Comics No.1.... Sweeet.

This comic is very entertaining and at first confusing. Confusing because when i was reading through the comic the web page would take me to a page further down into the comic than going to the next page. Once i fixed that problem the comic was enjoyable with eight different comics combined into one sixty four page comic. Comics today are usually forty pages long and consist of a single story or a continuing story. Back when comics where on the rise they of course contained more than just one comic because it was easier to have more comics in one book than multiple books. I noticed that five out of the eight comics used more dialogue to describe and add more affect to the image while the others were more giving little dialogue but enough to continue the story through images.
I enjoyed Chuck Dawson the most because Chuck is a bad ass. In the entire comic Chuck is a western superhero beating bad guys, a bullet skimming his head, and even shoots a gun out of a bad guys hand. The one i disliked the most was The Adventures of Marco Polo because there was no real action going on in the comic. The artist tried to make some action happen but the action was dull. Zatara Master Magician was another interesting comic with its simple in and out type of story. The thing that bugged me in this comic was the "im the superhero and nothing bad can happen to me because im the superhero". Overall great comic and a great referance to use when comparing with modern day comics.


  1. Trini, you read the whole comic?! You only needed to read about and blog on the "Superman" story. Way to go!

    But now you need to post on "Superman" ;-)

  2. Dude! You told me I had to read the whole Comic and blog on it!!! Lol its cool though, I like how you addressed the whole dialogue sitiuation. I also noticed that.