15 September 2009

The Greatest of All Time

Reading this brings back a lot of memories growing up. It reminds me of the cartoons I use to watch growing up and the comics I use to see my friends have and collect. Superman was always one of my favorites super hero. Nothing or anyone could ever match up to him. I can tell that this is a pretty old comic by the color and artwork. the color is sort of a old paint style and the drawing is not of the new age. In some of the characters he does not draw the full features of the character. Is this because he wants to show the non importance of that character of is that just how artist use to draw things? I dont know but I did notice that about this comic and some of the older comics I remember growing up. Seeing how superman was created was also kind of nice. Most comics and cartoons tend to leave out supermans begginnings. showing how strong and fast he was as a child and how that developed into what he is today. How he works for the newspaper and still tries to hide his identity. This was a very exciting comic for me to read. I was very involved and wanted to read more. I couldnt help but bring some of Scott McClouds readings in the back of my head. How he talked about the art work and icons and other things. while reading this comic I saw a lot of what he was talking about and it made me feel like I knew a little bit about comics.


  1. You've made some good observations here, rb, but where's you summary? And don't forget to proofread! I told you guys I'd fail whoever forgot to capitalize "Superman" ;-)

  2. It also made me think of the old cartoons. I used to watch Boomerang all the time as a kid, and the old Batman and Superman shows use to always run! It makes you think of how different superhero stories are today.