16 September 2009

How it all Began

The Superman comic was very enjoyable and funny. The beginning page gives us an understanding of how superman was sent to earth as a baby and how he discovered his super human strength. Superman’s first mission was to find the governor in order to prove a lady’s innocence. Superman shows the governor the proof and saves the woman from being electrocuted. Next it shows Clark Kent at his work place called the Daily Star. Kent’s assignment given to him from his boss is to cover reports on Superman. They also show us the brief relationship of Lois and Clark. They both are dancing at the road house, but a man named Butch goes over and rudely interrupts them. Clark doesn’t stand up at all for Lois so she takes care of matters herself, by slapping him across the face. Lois then takes off in a cab calling Clark a “coward”. Butch and his friends follow Lois and try to ram them off the road. They kidnap Lois, but along comes Superman to save the day. In the last pages Superman is assigned to go to San Monte but instead goes to Washington D.C. He discovers somebody who is involved to try and corrupt the senator, but Superman kidnaps the man and the comic’s ends.
Overall I thought that the comic was very interesting and funny. I really liked that the comic was short because at first I thought the whole comic was fifty something pages because that’s what I saw on the bottom. But come to find out it was only thirteen pages so that was good. Although I didn’t like that it ended by saying to be continued. I wanted to see what was going to happen next. The funny parts in the comic were definitely the fighting scenes and the one liner's. It did make me kind of mad when Clark Kent got punked by Butch. I just wanted him to punch his face so bad, but I understand that he didnt want to reveal his identity. For the comic being so old, I noticed that the art in the comics was simple and displayed very little detail. Also some of the language was weird and hard to understand. Now day’s comics put more detail into their pictures and are much longer in page length.


  1. i too totally thought that the comic was fifty somthing pages as well. But it was a sigh of relief to find out that it was only 15 pages. I liked your blog. Oh yeah make sure you capatilize all of your Superman's because Mr. V said he would fail us if we didnt, haha! Good Job!

  2. I thought this comic was funny too. That wife-beating part made me crack up. Not that wife-beating is funny or anything. But yeah I agree with you, the one liners were super cheesy. They should have named him Supercheezyman or something like that. Ha!

  3. Man Im the only one that thought this comic was totally LAME!! hmmmm...

  4. Good call, Steph, but I also fail students who don't capitalize "I" ;-)

    And yes, Amanda, you're the only one :-P

    Good post, Kahoku, and I'm sorry I scared you guys with the threat of 50 whole pages of reading ;-)