15 September 2009

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, it's Superman!

Reading the superman comic brought back a lot of memories. This comic looks to be an original bringing back the corny, yet very interesting tale of superman. This comic was about Clark Kent being assigned to cover Superman. Clark takes Louis out to dinner and as they are dancing a hoodlum tries steal Louis from Clark. Later in the comic Superman runs down the hoodlums and saves Louis from them. He shows off his supernatural powers that makes the comic Superman so famous. Then superman also takes care of a government scandal. The bad guys were trying to pass a law illegally so of course Superman came to the rescue. Superman comics are very predictable but it still always seems to bring a new story. Also Superman usually has a beautiful woman in his arms when he is flying.
I remember having conversations with my dad and he used to love all the superman comics. It is one of the greatest early comics. This hero figure has turned into something huge. I like this comic because it is so original and it shows what comics used to look like. The illustrations are not what they are today and it show how far comics have gone. I really liked this issue of superman because the character's lines are so corny and it reminds me of the old batman TV shows. We all remember those from nick at night. This Superman brought back some good memories.


  1. Hey M, you remember in class when we were going over common grammar mistakes, and we talked about how you should always capitalize proper nouns like names? I said I'd fail anyone who neglected to capitalize "Superman" ;-)

    Clearly, you need to more closely proofread.

  2. I liked the post especially how you said that there is always a woman in Superman's arms. I would have to totally agree with you. Even in all the movies, Lois Lane is always the one he is carrying. Ha ha, it just makes me laugh.