15 September 2009

Man That Bird and Plane Are Old

In "Superman" from Action Comics # 1 is rather interesting. This is a really old comic when it comes to Superman. This comics in the first page pretty much talk about Superman getting to earth and finding out his powers and using them for good. No one really knows of Superman as this major crime stopper and a person who is an exact symbol of justice. Instead he is still in a way not known. Superman's first save in the comics is going to the mayor to save a girl who was falsely accused of a murder. He faces trouble getting to the mayor from the butler which is not problem over all. It shows the love interest that goes on between Clark and Lois in kind of a short scene and then jumps to the love interest of Lois and Superman which is also very shot. The panels continues with Clark being assigned to go to San Monte, instead he goes to Washington D.C. to find that some foul play is being done. Superman quickly moves into action and begin to get the information he needs in order to get the main bad guy.
This comic is not something I would choose to read. I like Superman and I do enjoy the comic as a whole. The problem I do not like is the actual play by play narration it gives you at the top, sides or bottom. It gets to be annoying when you can just see instead of it seeming like there is a guy in your ear just blabbering on. Yes the pictures are not great or even the text amazing, but you need to consider this comics was written in 1938 so they don't have the greatest materials or even options on how to do these things. Those pictures and text though is what I actually like. It gives the comic that simple ability to understand at a very low level. You don't need all these big "CRASHES" everywhere. I enjoyed the comics as a whole but like I said the main problem for me was the narration.


  1. I agree with Johnathon. when he says that this is interesting and how it brings memories of the old stories of superman. I also agree with the fact that it was alot of detail in the panels where there did not have to be. The art in the panels show enough to not give so much detail.

  2. I concur, rb. This is a good post. And it's nice to see that even though you didn't enjoy it, per se, John, you're still able to analyze and appreciate the comic. Nicely down.

    But don't forget to edit ;-)