15 September 2009

.:Old School Action:.

Wow! This is a pretty intense comic! I haven’t seen an old Superman comic in ages! My father and brother collect a lot of comics, but I haven’t seen them pulled out in quite awhile! I find the artwork of this comic quite interesting because it seems to be so simple, but at the same time, there are little details that catch the eye; for example, the lines that the artist uses to show Superman flying or picking someone up. One of my favorite panels is on page two where Superman is picking up the guy in the green bathrobe. The art makes this task look so easy, and of course, for him it is. It makes me laugh because that sort of strength just seems so impossible. The language in this piece is different too. You can tell it’s an older comic. The humor in it is dry too, which I love. Like on page three when Superman says “It was your idea,” after ripping the steal door to the governor’s sleeping room off its hinges. What’s also interesting about this comic is the way there isn’t so much a straight story line as there is a narration. It’s literally like someone is narrating through words visualized by the reader. The story jumps around as well. It’s kind of like skipping from one portion of the story to another, yet the general point is still understood. The characters are all pretty similar though. I think that’s a good thing. If you look at today’s movies and books, a lot about the characters change. It’s hard to find a movie or new book that follows exactly the way the old story was told. As a society, we feed off advancements, and so you rarely see a superhero tale told without a new suit, car, or other technological aspect added in. The other thing I liked about this comic is the fact that it had different stories in it. It leaves more for the reader to do. I’m really fond of the black and white comics because older books and readings intrigue me. Overall, it was a pretty interesting comic!


  1. Yes I agree it was very interesting. The dry humor had me laughing while I was reading. Thanks for reminding me to capitalize Superman or else Ben V. would give me a big F haha... Nice Post

  2. sorry I commented on the wrong persons haha my bad

  3. Great post! I'm surprised you noticed how well Superman's strength was represented--that's hard to do for some artists, and we take for granted that superhero comics should do this easily.