16 September 2009

Oldies, Classics, Etc

Action Comics No. 1 was an alright comic. It started out with Superman and how he came to be on Earth. Superman's father sent him to Earth in a spaceship before his home planet was destroyed. As a boy he had a miraculous strength, which grew as he matured into a man. Of course Superman turned to the good side, fought evil, and helped those in need. The rest of the Comic follows as usual, with Superman defeating the bad guys.
All the other Comics were pretty much the same story line, except that Superman is a, "Superhero." The rest of the stars of each Comic were ordinary men with extraordinary talents. Take Chuch Dawson for instance, he was just a cowboy who was looking to have justice served to the A-G Outfit crooks. Other of the Comics had stars such as a champion boxer and a magician.
A couple of the Comics in this series were very diferent then the average hero defeats villian comic. One of which was about the thief, "Sticky Mit Stimson." This Comic was more about comedy rather then good versus evil.

All in all I didn't really care too much for the Comics. They lacked a lot of thought in detail. The Comics didn't really grab my attention because they were so vague in the story. However, by the looks of them, the Comics seem pretty old. So the story line was probably really attention grabbing for that day and time. I also don't think that they are a very bad start for some of the first Comics made, but they are far from what we have come to.


  1. That's really interesting you think Superman lacked a lot of detail. I thought Superman was full of detail and the story line was quite clear. Although Superman is a lot older, and the language is different than it is today, it still had a lot of action and it was easy to follow without getting bored.
    I guess we all have different opinions though :)

  2. This comic's details very. I think the reason it stands out to us know is because modern comics pay attention to different details then artists did back then.

    This is a good post, Zach, but you really need to proofread ;-)