01 October 2009

Poor ol' Comics

So I have a depressing story, I had written my entire blog and when I pushed submit the Internet capped out on me! I'm so mad! What I can remember from my blog is this. . .
In the Twelve Revolutions by Scott McCloud he takes about how much he love comics and how he wants them to succeed in our world today. But it's sad because comics are no longer the hot thing in the market. Comic stores have gone out of business and comic creators' can no longer make a living off of comics alone.
Comic creators came up this nine things that maybe can hopefully help comics succeed. They are: 1. Seeing comics as Literature. 2. Comics as an art. 3. Creators' rights. 4. Industries Innovation. 5. Public Perception. 6. Industrial Scrutiny. 7. Gender Balance. 8. Minority Representation. 9. Diversity of Genre. These nine things helped comics progress. And some progress showed in other areas as well. Such as Seriousness, depth, and formal complexities.
Comics have faced many threats many of which include. The threat of losing talented writers, and the loss of readers. Scott McCloud says "Fortunately the story of comics in America is one of constant innovation. Whatever the state of comics at the centuries end. I'm betting that the next generation wont rest until they've reinvented the medium and the industries from top to bottom." They did this by including comics in new papers and adding comics to political views.
He ends the chapter explaining that there are twelve revolutions of comics all including the computer. He talks about how these twelve revolutions will hopefully help comics expand outward.
I found this reading very intresting. I found it sad. I felt that comics went into the hole and they are strill struggling to climb out of that hole. I found myself wanting to contribute to the world of comics, so that maybe they could be successful again.


  1. Oh, that is a depressing story, I am soo sorry. Your summary was still good and it covered all of the main points. After reading your blog it makes me feel like I want to contribute to the world of comics as well. You are totally right, the reading was sad and it makes you wonder where the art of comics is going or not going.

  2. You know what's even more depressing. Blogger automatically saves your post. So the one you "lost" is still saved under the "Edit Posts" tab as a draft :-/

    If you'd like to post that one, instead, I'll hold off on grading it--I kinda like your closing on that one better, anyway :-)

  3. oh so are you anther one that is going to go out and start buying comics to help them reach their full potential whatever whatever? or are you all talk and just going to be one of those people that talk about sad tales and do nothing about them?...
    Okay Im just giving you a hard time...I would be so mad if I ever had to write a blog twice...Scott McCloud makes me feel bad too but I think he is manipulating us so I've decided to not give in and feel sorry for comics...