16 September 2009

Superman #1

I thought the first issue of Superman, was so cool. I really wasnt not expecting to read what I have read. I actually found out how Superman had notice his powers at a very young age, but at an infant stage.The story lines were about some real situations, like the domestic violence, how women were not as equal as men, and disrespected. It pharsed some political issues, like the death penality. Superman of course saves the day in all situations brought up. I started comparing how comics looked back then to how they look in modern society.

The color was a little darker and like a pal sort of color. Where as the comics I have seen in this generation, are more colorful. I also notice that some of the worda were spelled a bit different. One thing I saw interesting was how the women were drawn in the comic. They are rather manly if you ask me. The facial expessions were just like supermans. The only difference was the to know that they were women they had a dress of that superman addressed them as women. In this superman comic I thought how it was neat that they state different facts at the begining.

I noticed that in this comic, the stories jump around, from situation to situation. Which was nice but I king of wish there was more detail. I was a bit ashamed when I was thinking of spiderman when reading this comic. Maybe becuase they both worked in publishing, and of course always a girl involved. So I felt bad because I had to refocus my mind to superman. Overall I was impressed with this comic, now I know what the beginning of Superman was like. Oh, one more thing, the comic outline was more of a children book in my eyes, becuase of the words, but I liked it because I knew more of what to expect.


  1. I'm sorry if there are any mistakes, like not capializing Superman, I meant to pust the spell check bout pushed the publish instead.

  2. That's okay, Mel. You can edit your posts by hitting that little pencil beneath your post.

    And this is a great response, but don't forget your summaries.