15 September 2009


Wow, I haven’t read a comic like that in my whole life. Superman is a very old comic and a story that almost everybody knows whether they read comics or not. I have known the story of superman from the random movies I have seen and from my brother who is a comic goo-rue. In this comic Superman, by Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster Superman is a man with strong powers and crazy skills. The story of Superman begins with Superman’s own planet being destroyed and his parents finding it in their heart to leave him on earth to live his life there. He is found in his space ship by a person who drops him off at the orphanage. Superman has these strengths that are millions of years more advanced than those people on earth. As he gets older and older he realizes that he can jump over buildings, can lift things that no average human person can, and that no kind of bullet or knife can penetrate his skin.
Besides all of Superman's powers/strengths he has a secret identity. His name is Clark Kent. Clark Kent is a reporter for a newspaper that covers most of the stories that talk about Superman. Clark is actually asked to follow Superman's actions directly. Clark also has this amazing crush on a woman named Lois, who works in the same office as himself. He asks her out on a date and she reluctantly goes. A man by the name of Butch Matson decides that he is going to interrupt Clark and Lois in their dance. Kent Clark's personality is shy and he doesn't really stick up for himself. When Butch cuts in Lois is the one who hits Butch and gets really mad at Clark for not sticking up for his date. She storms off and Clark decides that he is going to pay Butch a visit as Superman. Butch in the meantime drives Lois's car into a ditch and pulls her out of the car and makes her get into his car to deal with her there. Well, Superman won't have any of that so he chases down Butch's car and throws the car upside down, catching Lois and hanging Butch up on a telephone pole. Lois is safe, but in the morning wants nothing to do with Clark Kent, not knowing who Clark really is.
Clark is then sent to go and get a better story for the Newspaper in a certain city. Clark decides that he is going to go to Washington D.C. to figure out what is going on there. He ends up eavesdropping on Senator Burrows and a man by the name of Alex Greer, who is trying to get the Senator to pass a certain bill. Superman doesn't want this bill to hurt his government so he decides to take Greer on an adventure to make him talk. The comic ends with Superman and Alex Greer jumping on to a building.
This comic was really interesting and kind of funny. I laughed all the way through the comic. The comments were really corny. I was actually quite surprised at how many word bubbles there were in the comic. I didn't expect so many words, but a little bit more pictures then were given to try and describe what was going on. The comic is definitely old school and it was worth reading.

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  1. Scottie, I'm glad you enjoyed the comic. But proofread your work. "Superman" is spelled with a capital "S" :-/