30 September 2009

The twelve revolutions of Comics, ect. ect. and ect.

Reading The Twelve Revolutions by Scott McCloud was extremely dull to read. Similar to reading Understanding Comics with its style and way McCloud discusses about comics. The only thing was that The Twelve Revolutions went on about the types of "genres" that comics were striving for from 1984 to 1994 and the sudden decline there after. McCloud as great has he did in his Understanding Comics is now, to me, is just rambling on about comics and such which to me is great and all but I think the McCloud over did it in The Twelve Revolutions. The title even sounds to be like an epic tale of biblical proportions. In lamest terms hard to continue reading but overall very complex in its meaning


  1. Trini, ha ha ha, you're funny. "The title even sounds to be like an epic tale of biblical proportions." I 100% agree with you! :D

    I thought it was a good chapter though! In my opinion, McCloud wrote better this time and his point was clearer.
    Good blog & I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Reading your blog was extremely redundant to read ;-)

    What's up here, Trini? Where's the rest of the post? You're about 200 words short, and more importantly, you haven't summarized the reading, only responded to it.