05 October 2009

Battle to Fit in

Scott McCloud has done it again. Mr. McCloud is very noble for this of course. If you do not know what I am talking about then obviously you are not reading his work. Reinventing Comics is a firm continuation of his belief that comics are true literature and with this excerpt it is hard to argue. Scott McCloud starts this chapter off with how there is endless diversity with the potential of millions of new writers and artists. Only around a half a billion people read comics and graphic novels in America. Scott McCloud believes that is too low of an number. "A professional community reared on such a limited body of work," that is how Scott McCloud looks at the authors in the comic industry today. McCloud thinks that even popular strips are losing grounds because people do not just read enough anymore. Also, McCloud says that there is not enough contact between the reader and the creator. And causing even more complexity is the publisher. Publisher often stop the creative minds behind the pens to actually put it on the paper. That is why creators of start small often have to stay small when it comes to publishing.

Gender imbalance is still a major problem is comics according to Mr.McCloud. A female writer is considered a rarity in the comic world. Comics made by women was of course read by the sad hormone driven teenager. Women characters still are portrayed as the woman in distress. Will the ever be a male in distress? McCloud informs the reader that women in this comic book game have been doing it for quite some time. Female writers had a hard time because of the fact that the works was appealing to an commerical audience. Too frank, and honest were many of the comics. Brought male character back to ground zero and was not always bandfared. But over recent years, female authors are making an comeback with refreshing new ideas. The eighth revolution is still a problem in comics as well: race and diversity. In the 70s, skin color was a popular concern with the audiences of comics are where not well recieved. In the 90s, DC attempted to form an alliance with Milestone Media but was heavily criticized. But some authors have gained a bit of steam. Gay and Lesbian authors are also trying to transend the artform.

The 9th revolution diversity in the genre is being met head on. Scott McCloud states that there was only a time where people could name on one genre: Superheros. Now more autobiography, western, and naturalistic fiction are being written as comics. Comics like the Watchmen have given a different breath of air to the superhero comic. Scott McCloud leaves us with he states in his last comic that this medium has no limitations to what it can be.

This excerpt is very very redundant and boring. McCloud takes a subject and runs with it endlessly with mix results in my opinion. McCloud is a very strong writer but at times he annoys me with his understanding of everything. But, this article was decent no the less.

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  1. This is a good summary, but I'm curious what about the reading strikes you as redundant? Elaborate on your own opinions in the future.