15 October 2009

cancer family

This comic was very interesting. The style in which the writter chose to tell the story was different then I have seen before. The progression of the story was told to us instead of us coming up with when and when these events were happening. I thought that was rather interesting. The first thing I thought of when reading this was, Professor Villarreal statement in class saying " write as if the reader is stupid." I took this reading that way. It seemed to me they commentated to make sure that we got exactly what the story was telling us and not what we could come up with ourselves.
I honestly did not pay much attention to the art work. I dont know if it did not have enough color for me, if the lines were too much or if the art work just wasn't good. However, I didnt pay much attention to it. It seemed very simplistic.
Now for the the story, I got confused a little bit with trying to go along with it. After reading it and understanding it, the story was not bad. It wasnt something necessarily that I would have picked but having these people with cancer and dealing with real life situations was interesting to me and keeped me wanting to read more. I would have thought it would have ended a little better. It seems as if they didnt finish the story. All in all, I felt the comic was just ok.


  1. I agree, I also thought that it was interesting because it used real life issues, but as for the artwork I thought it sucked. Thats probably why it didnt stand out to you.

  2. I would have to say that the art work stood out more than any thing else because it was sooo bad. The faces were horrifying!!

  3. Great post, RB--I appreciate your candor. Just proofread your work more closely for clarity.