16 October 2009

Cancer is Boring

"Our Cancer Year" starts off with Joyce's brother, Tod, showing up at Joyce and Harvey's house. They will be moving into another house soon and they ask Tod to help move boxes since Harvey might have a hernia which they'll find out the next day at his appointment. Harvey ends up having a tumor which they remove. The doctor acts very weird when asked to explain more about the situation. All he tells him is that they'll run more tests on him in a few days. They're all scared but get help from different people and friends. In the worst case, Harvey is scared for Joyce and doesn't want to leave her alone. He goes to talk to a lawyer to make sure she's gets all the belongings if he dies. Joyce is a little more optimistic. She calls a hot line and tries to learn more about cancer. Harvey gets good news after his follow up appointment and finds out that his cancer hasn't spread. They are moving boxes later and Joyce asks Harvey to not lift the heavy blocks because she thinks he'll get hurt. He flips out and starts breaking things. That's pretty much main important parts of the comic.
This comic was weird. I didn't like the art at all. I had a hard time following what was going on and who was saying what because the transitions were random and the characters looked alike so I didn't know who was talking to who. After I read a panel I had to read the following ones to figure out who was talking. This made it hard to enjoy. The story line was not too interesting. I didn't really like anything about this comic.

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  1. Ed, you need to proofread more carefully; I'm having trouble making sense of a few bits.

    Also, you don't really explain why. Why don't you like the story? Why don't you like the art? Etc.