15 October 2009

Cancer Tales

The short comic, "Our Cancer Year", is about a man named Harvey and his wife Joyce. Harvey went in for some hernia surgery and the doctors found some cancer in him. Joyce, his wife, looks for ways to educate herself about the cancer that her husband has. But no one at the hospital would help. Dr. Cantor, the surgeon who found the cancer, talks to Joyce but he does not give much information because he is in somewhat of a hurry. This makes Joyce extremely angry. This comic spread expresses anger through the facial features. In one of the drawings Joyce has a large, very intimidating scowl on her face. At that point no one at the hospital would give her any information. As the story progresses Harvey has gone out to fill out his will in case he dies. Joyce does not agree with this but one of her close friends lets her know, that's Harvey's way of coping. Harvey has changed and seems to explode with anger when aggravated. When Harvey goes back to the doctor for cat scans, they find that the cancer has not spread, which is good. Another cancer story begins to take place in the end of this comic. Joyce went to their new house to see how the carpenter is doing. The carpenter comes out and tells Joyce that she might have breast cancer. Joyce consoles her ans lets her know that she knows what she is going through.
This comic was almost a short soap opera. The drama that takes place concerning to cancer and Joyce not getting any help, creates an interesting comic. I liked how the illustrations were set up. They were simple drawings but the focus was on the facial features. Every time a character was mad, I was able to see the anger through the scowls. This comic reminded me of the comics in the newspapers. The simple stencil work is the same as a newspaper. The thoughts of each character were always given as well. Written words spelling out "Cancer", expressing what Joyce and Harvey were thinking about. I enjoyed this comic.


  1. I liked how you explained the art with the expressions on the characters faces. I noticed that as well, I just didn't add that to my blog.
    Good job!!

  2. Good post, Mo-Town, but proofread more closely. There's a few parts I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to describe.