14 October 2009

Cancer Year

This comic was interesting both artistically and literacy. I enjoyed reading this comic because it shows and gives the feeling of what is going on with the characters Harvey and Joyce. It first begins when Joyce s brother Tod drops by there home. Harvey and Joyce ask for Tod's help later because Harvey has on operation in a few days to see if he has a hernia. Later when the operation was about to begin, Joyce and Tod were waiting in the waiting room. A few minutes have passed and the doctor that was operating on Harvey and tells Joyce that Harvey had a tumor and all he did was scoop out the tumor and sew up Harvey. Joyce shown in the comic is seen almost literary having her fist in her mouth trying not to cry.

There where parts in the comic that were great showing the emotion of what has happened in the comic. When they ask what a cat scan is for, the nurse tells them that it is to see if there is MORE CANCER. The artist depicted in the next panel was Harvey and Joyce leaving the hospital with the words MORE CANCER. Giving the feel that you the reader have just got cancer. Overall i enjoyed the comic and liked the artists style.


  1. I agree that the reading was interesting however, when coming to the part about the cat scan, I did not get the same effect. The art work in this comic did not reach out to me much. the pictures did not tell the story for me in this reading as they have in others.

  2. Hmm, I understand your point Trini, but I have to assume what you mean. There aren't enough details and examples in your blog in order for me to fully grasp why you liked the comic.

    I, too, liked the scene you described where CANCER was written all over the panel. Actually, it scared me a little because it was blunt and repetitive. It seemed frightful for Harvey. Overall, I think there should be more summary and more of your opinion because I'm interested in what you have to say!

  3. Dang! Lynnae told you what's up ;-)

    I have to agree with her, though--your posts still aren't in enough detail. And you need to proofread more closely.